RESILIE was first envisioned when a neuroscience researcher and a communications expert got to talk. REALLY talk. Neuroscience in mental health is moving fast with new information on risk factors and prevention of mental health conditions. But this information is not reaching its main beneficiaries: young people.
At RESILIE we are deeply committed to changing the reality in mental health. We work with and for young people to disseminate evidence-based information about mental health – how to identify it, how to prevent disorders – using innovative communication channels.
Resilie is a nonprofit organization, and as such stands on the support of its members in the form of donations and memberships. Most importantly, we count with the irreplaceable work of young volunteers committed with the mission of Resilie. The full structure is completed with a team of experts in the field of psychology, medicine, design, communication and ITC. Their main part is to co-create with our young volunteers new ways of reaching out and raising awareness in the community.
Over the years we have worked with many inspiring people who helped build a stronger Resilie. Fell free to contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or want to share information.

Partners and collaborators

From our beginnings we have partnered with organizations that share our vision of a future with stronger youth and healthier communities. Here are some of them:

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