Because +450 million people are suffering from mental ill-health
1 PERSON IN 4 will develop one or more mental disorders during their LIFETIME
1 IN 5 PEOPLE have a mental disorder in DISADVANTAGED ENVIRONMENTS
These figures and more are part of the GLOBAL BURDEN OF DISEASE IN MENTAL DISORDERS.
Because there is a large gap between what is needed and what is available
2 IN 3 PEOPLE in need of mental health assistance DO NOT RECEIVE HELP
And this problem is growing bigger as a consequence of the recent global crisis
The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION is already targeting people with mental health conditions as a vulnerable group.
Because young adults are the most at risk
SUICIDE is already the #2 LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH among young people.
About 75% of mental disorders will have developed BY THE AGE OF 25
YOUNG PEOPLE BETWEEN 15 AND 24 YEARS OLD MUST BE INFORMED about mental health conditions, the factors that may trigger them, and the resources available for treatment.